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We are a team of senior clinicians and allied health professionals who offer patient centered peri-operative care throughout your surgical journey.
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We support your surgical team to ensure that you get the best short and long term outcome from your procedure. We understand that each of our patients have individual health needs and goals, and our holistic, personalised solutions are designed specifically to meet these.

Why My Surgical Buddy?

Being cared for holistically has been shown to

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Reduce your risk of complications, maximising the quality of life benefits of your surgery.

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Get you back to the comfort of your own home faster after surgery.

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Lower readmission rates, reducing your chances of returning to hospital.

We offer a complete peri-operative care package planned especially for you, from contemplation of surgery through to full recovery. Our services are designed to improve your overall surgical experience, reduce your complication rate, shorten your length of stay in hospital and reduce the chance of you being readmitted to hospital. Research has shown that a coordinated team approach with medical and allied health professionals there to support your mental, physical and nutritional needs leads to better outcomes.

Our aim is to accompany you on your entire journey, and to lessen your chances of a setback that could potentially affect your long-term quality of life.

What is peri-operative care?

Peri-operative care is the term used to describe the three stages of undergoing a surgical procedure.

  • Pre-admission preparation and care
  • Time in hospital
  • Post-discharge follow-up and management

Although seemingly critical, your time in the operating theatre is usually experienced without problems. The surgical journey is much more than just the operation. It begins from the moment surgery is planned until you fully recover. 


Recovery can take many months and, if not managed correctly, can lead to long-term chronic disability.

Patients are more likely to develop complications if they have preexisting poorly controlled medical conditions, a reduced level of general fitness or have modifiable lifestyle risk factors. Such complications can influence your recovery and long-term outcome.

Our team puts you at the centre during each step of your surgical journey so that you experience your optimal outcome.


You’ll undergo a through pre- surgical assessment designed to identify and manage any pre-existing conditions that might impact your surgical outcome.


Supporting you as you recover in hospital. We work with your surgical team to get you mobile, manage any short-term complications and ensure that your pre-existing conditions are well managed.


We’ll continue to provide the support you need either in the home or our clinic. You’ll undergo a post-surgical assessment with our rehabilitation consultant who’ll ensure you have access to the services you require.

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Collaborating to get you the best outcomes possible, at My Surgical Buddy you have a team of senior health professional supporting through every step of your surgical journey.

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