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A patient’s fitness for surgery is often the main predictor of adverse surgical outcomes.

At My Surgical Buddy we offer a streamlined peri-operative clinic pathway to get your high-risk patients prepared for surgery.

Using a holistic approach to peri-operative care has been shown to:

Reduce last minute cancellations due to unmanaged co-morbidities

Reduce short- and long-term complication rates

Reduce hospital length of stay

Reduce rates of emergency readmission to hospital

Increase patient engagement and satisfaction

Our Services

  • Consultations with our peri-operative specialists
  • Individualised or group sessions with our allied health team
  • Patient support and education
  • Pre-admission preparation for surgery
  • Post-discharge guidance, assistance, and care.


Our team accepts referrals at any point in the surgical journey. Please contact us so that a member of our team can deliver our referral pads.

Referral when surgery is first contemplated gives our team the best chance to make meaningful changes to a patient’s overall health status prior to surgery and reduce their risk of experiencing a complication.

The peri-operative period is often a ‘teachable time’ for patients and a great opportunity to make lasting lifestyle changes.

Pre-operative assessment

Consultation with one of our peri-operative anaesthetists or physicians ideally at the point surgery is contemplated.

Post-operative assessment

Consultation with one of our rehab physicians following surgery.

Allied health support

Individualised or group sessions with our physiotherapists, dietitians, or psychotherapists. We operate a multidisciplinary approach through all stages of peri-operative care.

A single referral from you gives your patient access to the appropriate medical and allied health support they need.

How to refer

Simply complete the My Surgical Buddy referral pad and send it back to our team. Our team will do the rest and we’ll keep you updated with your patient’s progress and peri-operative plan.

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